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Tesla Cybertruck Specs, Tow Capacity, and Battery Range

Complete Guide to the Tesla CyberTruck Pickup Truck

Tesla has revolutionized the automotive market. There’s no doubt about it. They’ve been the driving force between electric cars, and now they’re bringing their passion for electric cars to the truck market. They didn’t just introduce another traditional pickup though. The Tesla Cybertruck looks more like a vehicle you’d find on Mars than your typical pickup truck. It’s struck a lot of controversy. Most people either love it, or they hate it. Whatever side of the fence you sit on when it comes to the Tesla Cybertruck though, you have to admire its impressive specs and unique design qualities. If you landed here on our site, you’re probably after these juicy details and you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know.

Tesla Cybertruck Specifications
Front View of the Tesla Cybertruck
– Photo is Courtesy of Tesla’s media site

Tesla Cybertruck Exterior

Vastly Different Composition, Built “Real” Tough

The exterior of Tesla’s Cybertruck looks way different than your traditional pickup truck. Tesla wanted to make a bold move into the truck market, and they succeeded. Not only is the general shape of the Cybertruck vastly different than traditional pickups, but its composition is too. Traditional pickups use a basic design where the cabin and the bed are place on a frame. At the Tesla reveal, Elon Musk likened traditional pickups to old school, outdated planes. That’s why Tesla’s Cybertruck uses a stressed skin design. Basically you have an ultra-durable exoskeleton instead. This exoskeleton is no joke either. The paneling is made up of thick, ultra-hard rolled 30x stainless steel.

At the reveal in November of 2019, they showed the difference by hitting a traditional truck panel with a sledgehammer, and then using that same sledge hammer to hit the brand new Cybertruck. The traditonal steel paneling was dented and scratched after the first hit. While we weren’t up close to see it, the Cybertruck looked unscathed after two hard hits. Musk even mentioned that the Cybertruck paneling is bulletproof to a 9mm handgun. Obviously, if you’re looking for a truck, you want it to be durable. This was a big plus for us at ETR.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs
Side View
– Photo Courtesy of Tesla Media

Armor Glass

Another noticeably more durable component on the Cybertruck is the glass used for the windshield and surrounding windows. You might’ve seen the mishap during the reveal where they actually broke the windows, however, the metal ball didn’t pierce through the window. The tougher you can make a vehicle the better, and if the windshield is more resistant to rock chips and damage from going in the woods, i’m all for it. They might not be as damage-proof as they’d hoped, but it’s still significantly better than what we are accustomed to.

Exterior DimensionDistance (Inches)
Height75 inches
Width79.8 inches
Length231.7 inches
Bed Length78 inches

The Vault (Bed)

We don’t know everything about the Cybertruck’s bed yet, but we’ve already seen some pretty impressive features. The Cybertruck’s bed, or “Vault” according to Tesla, is 6 foot, 6 inches long. That’s larger than most half ton truck beds, giving owners quite a bit of storage space. The lack of an internal combustion engine also results in a “Frunk”, or front truck, contributing to the Cybertruck’s cumulative 100 cubic feet of external storage. In addition to impressive storage capacity, the “Vault” has some other impressive features like an integrated tonneau cover and ramps that can come out of the tailgate. It’s doubtful that these features will be available on every Cybertruck configuration, however, and we expect that you would be required to pay a premium for these features.

Tesla Cyber Truck Bed
The CyberTruck’s “Vault” (Bed)

Tesla Cybertruck Performance

Even if you’re not crazy about the aesthetics of the Tesla Cybertruck, you have to be enthusiastic about its performance specs. It not only provides impressive towing specs, but also a 0-60 time better than many of the sports cars on the road today when equipped with the tri motor All-wheel drive configuration. Three powertrain configurations are available on the Cybertruck. A rear-wheel drive single motor configuration is the cheapest option, followed by dual and tri motor All-wheel drive motor configurations.

0-60 MPH Times

Motor Choice0-60 MPH
Single Motor RWD< 6.5 seconds
Dual Motor AWD< 4.5 seconds
Tri Motor AWD< 2.9 seconds

Offroad Performance

The Cybertruck is just as impressive off-road as it is on-road. It will offer 16″ of ground clearance and optimized approach and departure angles for better off-road performance. Adaptive air suspension is standard on every Cybertruck, with adaptive cushioning and dampening, resulting in a more comfortable ride on and off-road. This air suspension offers adjustable ride height that is controlled by an on-board air compressor.

Tesla Electric Cybertruck Specs

Powertrain Options:Single Motor RWD
Dual Motor AWD
Tri Motor AWD
Bed (“Vault”) Length:6.5 Feet
Battery Range:
Single Motor RWD:
Dual Motor AWD:
Tri Motor AWD:
See Below:
250+ Miles
300+ Miles
500+ Miles
Suspension:Adaptive Air Suspension
Tesla Electric Truck

Tesla Cybertruck Towing Specifications

PowertrainTow CapacityPayload
Single Motor RWD:7,500+ lbs3,500 lbs
Dual Motor AWD:10,000+ lbs3,500 lbs
Tri Motor AWD:14,000+ lbs3,500 lbs

Fuel Economy/Battery Range

Tesla Cybertruck battery range depends on powertrain choice and is essentially pay to play. At best, Tesla Cybertrucks with the Tri Motor configuration can get 500 or more miles from a single charge. At the minimum, the Cybertruck gets 250 miles of range when chosen with a single motor RWD powertrain.

Single Motor RWD:250+ Miles
Dual Motor AWD:300+ Miles
Tri Motor AWD:500+ Miles

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